The Tenth Muse – Hermitage Residents

Quest. “The Tenth Muse – Hermitage Residents”
February 11 and 12

Not only paintings and sculptures live within the walls of the Winter Palace, the muses themselves settled in them. Nine muses, from Calliope to Urania, live in one of the largest museums in the world.

But there is one more muse … the tenth. She visited all the great masters, but her name is hidden from prying eyes.
Are you ready to go searching and find out her name? Go through several stages, dust off great works and lift the veil of secrecy? Then an adventure from InsomniaG.B. in the Hermitage is waiting for you!

The game will be held in two categories: Standard and Family. Category Family is designed specifically for family visits with children. In this category, an abbreviated route and simplified puzzles for teens and small players.

Play a team of up to 5 people.
Participation costs 400 rub. from the team.
The game will be held in two categories: Adult and Children.
In the children’s category there are routes for children 5-8 years old and for children 9-12 years old. The route is designed for 3-4 hours in the adult category and 2 hours in the nursery.

Exhibition “High-altitude Petersburg”

Exhibition “High-altitude Petersburg”
from February 7 to 21

We want to remind our readers about the exhibition of photographs about the roofs of St. Petersburg, organized by the Russian Geographical Society.

The exhibition features 44 unique large-format photographs taken from hard-to-reach heights of St. Petersburg. Also on display is a video clip assembled from timelapse scenes taken from the city’s high-rise dominants.

In the design of the exhibition used graphic
the work of the artist Elena Kovaleva.


• Lecture by famous photographer Alexander Petrosyan
about the features of high-altitude shooting.

• Premiere of the video of high-rise Petersburg “Saint-Petersburg-2” by Andrey Efimov.

The building of the Russian Geographical Society.
– Lane Grivtsova d. 10

Exhibition opening hours:
– opening of the exhibition at 17:00 to 21:00
– every day, 11: 00-17: 00
– Free admission

Five of The Worst Ghosts of St. Petersburg

The most important, most mysterious and most terrible events in Russian history took place in St. Petersburg: from the murder of Paul the First to the October Revolution. It is no wonder that all of them are overgrown with an aura of rumors and legends, many of which are associated with the ghosts of innocently murdered kings and their subjects. We recall the five most terrible ghosts: from a drowned excavator to a burned-down metro-builder.

Dead digger
A terrible reminder of how the city was built on the Neva

The common phrase that St. Petersburg is built on bones was also reflected in numerous urban legends, such as the one that tells about a dead excavator. It was in 1716. The builders of the Peter and Paul Fortress and the sentries suddenly heard a terrible scream coming from the Neva side – during a storm, it accidentally fell into the water and one of the diggers began to sink. It was not possible to save him, they also did not search for the body in the water. A hundred years later, the ghost of that digger appeared on the shore near the Peter and Paul Fortress, which greatly frightened the guard guarding the fortiation. Then, of course, they did not find the drowned man — only a trace of a large shoe remained on the sand of the Hare Island. They say that the digger still periodically wanders along the banks of the Neva, his arms outstretched. In the same place, according to legend, the executed Decembrists still go.

Where: Rabbit Island

Ghost of paul the first
Conspiracy victim looking for her killers

The slain Russian emperor himself was prone to a mystical interpretation of events. And after his murder in the Mikhailovsky (Engineering) Castle, rumors spread around the city that the pale figure of a man in a night dress and with a candle often wanders the corridors of that building. Sometimes she still wears a white officer’s scarf around her neck (then they were generally worn at the waist, they were strong, made of silk, because Paul was strangled with one of these). In Soviet times, the guards even began to stumble upon something cold and hard, but invisible – it was believed that this was all the same ghost. Despite the fact that “Pavel” did not do anything bad to any of the visitors and employees of the Engineers’ Castle, they still felt horrified to meet him. They say Paul is now wandering through the corridors, apparently searching for his murderers — in order to take revenge.

Where: Engineer Castle

Spirit of Rasputin
Ghost who returned home

Interestingly, the ghost of the main friend of the last royal couple, killed on the eve of the revolution, is disturbed not by the visitors of the mansion, where they tried to poison him first, and then shoot him, but the residents of the house on Gorokhovaya Street, where he lived and worked. His pale figure, according to legend, often wanders through the corridors of that communal and black staircase through which, if necessary, he ran. Residents of the house at one time told fascinating stories about how the ghost of the old man walked around the communal apartment and checked whether everything was in order – most often he visited over the holidays.
Where: Gorokhovaya street, 19

Skeleton of Kunstkamera

After the October Revolution, many valuable objects disappeared from the museums and palaces of St. Petersburg. Including the skull from a huge human skeleton, left by Peter the first in the Kunstkamera himself. And then at night in the museum they began to hear the roar of bones – this is the skeleton wandering through the halls of Kunstkamera and was looking for his “head”. Even the director of the museum believed in the ghost of the skeleton, stating that anyone could see him, and that he was absolutely harmless and indifferent to people. But over time, the skeleton began to act strongly on the nerves of someone from the staff, and then the problem was solved in a rather original way – they attached a skull to the bones. The new “head” of the skeleton, apparently, liked it, and he no longer bothered anyone.
Where: University Embankment, 2 (Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography)

Ghost of St. Petersburg metro

There is a legend that the ghost of one of the first metro-builders who died in the gas explosion on the stretch near the “Electrosila” in the late 1950s lives in the St. Petersburg subway. During the sixties, train drivers — especially on the “blue” branch — often had to see a human figure on the tracks, which disappeared in just a few seconds. And then the complaints of passengers who were pushed by some kind of “terrible hard worker” began. Find this “bully” did not work, distributors of rumors fired. But, they say, most of the incidents on the subway, connected with the fall on the way or from the escalator, are caused by this very “hard worker”.
Where: Any station of the St. Petersburg metro

Top 5 Ski Slopes Near St. Petersburg

Winter has finally come into full force, which means it’s time to open a new ski season. We inform you where the best conditions for beginner skiers are created and in which areas there are the most calm trails.
SKA in Toksovo
The oldest track in the area.

The route “SKA” was laid back in the fifties of the last century. Regional and All-Union competitions were constantly held here, for which the Kavgolovo sports complex was equipped with four hotels, a ski stadium and a referee’s pavilion. SKA is one of the most difficult tracks. Its length is 10 kilometers, and the total climb (in other words, the sum of the heights of all the slides that will have to be climbed) is 400 meters. It is ideal for pros, but a newbie is best to practice on shorter running tracks.

Getting there: by train from the Finland Station to Toksovo Station, by minibus taxi 431 from the Prospect Prosveshcheniya metro station to the Toksovo-Center stop, from there – a kilometer walk. On the road will take 30 – 40 minutes.

Dynamo in the Kavgolovsky Forest Park
A small but convenient training course among the age-old firs.

Unlike the SKA, located very close to it, the Dynamo is also suitable for those who are not very confident on skis. Its length is 5 kilometers, and the total climb is only 120 meters. It is occasionally used for local competitions. The rest of the time is wide, protected from the wind by a coniferous forest, the road is ideal for training.

Getting there: by train from Finland Station to Kavgolovo or Toksovo stations, by shuttle taxi 431 from Prospect Prosveshcheniya metro station to Toksovo Center, from there – a kilometer on foot, in addition, the Eagle Mountain Ski Complex is located next to Dynamo with parking. On the road will take 40 minutes.

“Pargolovskaya ski track”
A winding and uncomplicated highway on the northern outskirts of St. Petersburg.

“Pargolovskaya ski track” passes through the southern part of the Shuvalovsky forest park. This is the most convenient route for skiers who do not have time to go to train at the “Eagle Mountain” or the “Blue Dacha”. In addition, it is very well suited for beginners: the height difference is only 15 meters, there are no slides, and the coach can observe the skier, practically not moving from one place.

How to get there: by bus, taxi from the Ozerki metro stations or Prospect Prosveshcheniya to the “Road to Kamenka” stop, from there – 500 meters on foot. The journey will take 10-20 minutes (depending on traffic jams on the Vyborg highway)

Well-equipped and wide trail in the picturesque Lembolovo forests.

An ideal way for those who are already bored in Pargolovo, but still early in Toksovo. The total length of the track is 10 kilometers. Buran is laying its snowmobiles, so the track is wide enough for competitions both in classic and free running. The total elevation difference is 200 meters, and the area is especially difficult for beginners and “middle peasants” – just in the middle: there are a lot of slides and sharp turns. The territory around the LMZ piste is cut by small walking trails used by children and simple vacationers, occasionally choosing to ski outside the city. From the amenities there is a well-equipped racing start (with a radio link) and a recreation center with brick houses: relatively comfortable, although without any frills.

Getting there: by train from the Finland Station to the station Lembolovo. Total travel time is just over an hour.

“Blue Dacha”
Long and difficult trail at the foot of the Koltusha Upland.

The track MOO STTS “Monolith” is located a few kilometers from the urban area Rzhevka-Powder. This is one of the longest ski runs in the vicinity of St. Petersburg (about 15 kilometers). Part of it passes through the open area, one section abounds with long and steep climbs (total difference – 255 meters). Competitions on it are quite rare. The main convenience is that it can be reached directly from the city on skis, as a special walking track from the forest park in Porokhovy is laid to it, along which just 7 km along a flat area directly to the highway.

How to get there: by buses and minibuses 426 – 430 from the Ladozhskaya metro station to the village of Suoranda. Travel time is only 30 – 40 minutes.