Best 10 Places to Travel Alone

Heartbreaks are real and many people undergo this phase. It is difficult to get back to normal. Being in the same place and seeing the same people may not bring back the happy you. However, a solo trip can be a good remedy for depression and heartbreaks. It will help you to break your chains and see the world from a new perspective. The world has many beautiful locations to heal the wounds of broken people. Here is a list of the best 10 places around the world ideal for solo trips. These places have great adventures and attractions waiting for people traveling alone. A big holiday in these destinations can be a revival and refreshment for anybody.

  • Iceland

If you are looking for solitude and some alone time to think, Iceland is the best choice. The geysers and hot springs in this North Atlantic region can give you a completely different aura. The people of Iceland are also extremely thoughtful for you to have a nice conversation.

  • Rwanda

Rwanda is also known as the Land of a Thousand Hills. It can give you numerous options for exploration. As the country is well connected, it is easy to get around the place. The capital city of Rwanda, Kigali, is one of the most exciting cities in Africa.

  • East Coast Australia

Australia, as a whole country, is an exciting country. However, East Coast Australia will be the best choice for solo travelers. The classic routes from Adelaide to Brisbane allow travelers to visit several exciting towns.

  • Portugal

Portugal has many dream places to attract tourists. Lisbon and Porto are must-visit places if you are packing for a solo trip. The stunning spots and sights in the country make it a great destination to explore several adventures.

  • Slovenia

Slovenia is a small yet perfect destination for people on an alone trip. The place has activities and spots to enjoy throughout the day. Ljubljana, the capital city, has many social spots and friendly people.

  • Guatemala

Guatemala is an ideal spot in Central America for people traveling alone. There are many friendly people around to help you out in your exploration. The beautiful lakes, coffee fields, and ancient Mayan ruins are major attractions of the place.

  • New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world for travelers. Besides, New Zealand also offers gorgeous landscapes, buzzing cities and towns, and friendly people for solo travelers. Bigger towns in the country have their ancient tales to tell the visitors.

  • Japan

The landscape of Japan is like it was created for solo travelers. Japan has a legendary transport system, simplifying the travel options for visitors. The country also has incredible food and the friendliest people in the world.

  • Ireland

Ireland reminds you of many novels you have read. The country has amazing spots to quench the thirst of solo travelers. The local spin yarns of the country have many tales to tell. The natives of the place are very cooperative and friendly towards visitors.