Top 5 Ski Slopes Near St. Petersburg

Winter has finally come into full force, which means it’s time to open a new ski season. We inform you where the best conditions for beginner skiers are created and in which areas there are the most calm trails.
SKA in Toksovo
The oldest track in the area.

The route “SKA” was laid back in the fifties of the last century. Regional and All-Union competitions were constantly held here, for which the Kavgolovo sports complex was equipped with four hotels, a ski stadium and a referee’s pavilion. SKA is one of the most difficult tracks. Its length is 10 kilometers, and the total climb (in other words, the sum of the heights of all the slides that will have to be climbed) is 400 meters. It is ideal for pros, but a newbie is best to practice on shorter running tracks.

Getting there: by train from the Finland Station to Toksovo Station, by minibus taxi 431 from the Prospect Prosveshcheniya metro station to the Toksovo-Center stop, from there – a kilometer walk. On the road will take 30 – 40 minutes.

Dynamo in the Kavgolovsky Forest Park
A small but convenient training course among the age-old firs.

Unlike the SKA, located very close to it, the Dynamo is also suitable for those who are not very confident on skis. Its length is 5 kilometers, and the total climb is only 120 meters. It is occasionally used for local competitions. The rest of the time is wide, protected from the wind by a coniferous forest, the road is ideal for training.

Getting there: by train from Finland Station to Kavgolovo or Toksovo stations, by shuttle taxi 431 from Prospect Prosveshcheniya metro station to Toksovo Center, from there – a kilometer on foot, in addition, the Eagle Mountain Ski Complex is located next to Dynamo with parking. On the road will take 40 minutes.

“Pargolovskaya ski track”
A winding and uncomplicated highway on the northern outskirts of St. Petersburg.

“Pargolovskaya ski track” passes through the southern part of the Shuvalovsky forest park. This is the most convenient route for skiers who do not have time to go to train at the “Eagle Mountain” or the “Blue Dacha”. In addition, it is very well suited for beginners: the height difference is only 15 meters, there are no slides, and the coach can observe the skier, practically not moving from one place.

How to get there: by bus, taxi from the Ozerki metro stations or Prospect Prosveshcheniya to the “Road to Kamenka” stop, from there – 500 meters on foot. The journey will take 10-20 minutes (depending on traffic jams on the Vyborg highway)

Well-equipped and wide trail in the picturesque Lembolovo forests.

An ideal way for those who are already bored in Pargolovo, but still early in Toksovo. The total length of the track is 10 kilometers. Buran is laying its snowmobiles, so the track is wide enough for competitions both in classic and free running. The total elevation difference is 200 meters, and the area is especially difficult for beginners and “middle peasants” – just in the middle: there are a lot of slides and sharp turns. The territory around the LMZ piste is cut by small walking trails used by children and simple vacationers, occasionally choosing to ski outside the city. From the amenities there is a well-equipped racing start (with a radio link) and a recreation center with brick houses: relatively comfortable, although without any frills.

Getting there: by train from the Finland Station to the station Lembolovo. Total travel time is just over an hour.

“Blue Dacha”
Long and difficult trail at the foot of the Koltusha Upland.

The track MOO STTS “Monolith” is located a few kilometers from the urban area Rzhevka-Powder. This is one of the longest ski runs in the vicinity of St. Petersburg (about 15 kilometers). Part of it passes through the open area, one section abounds with long and steep climbs (total difference – 255 meters). Competitions on it are quite rare. The main convenience is that it can be reached directly from the city on skis, as a special walking track from the forest park in Porokhovy is laid to it, along which just 7 km along a flat area directly to the highway.

How to get there: by buses and minibuses 426 – 430 from the Ladozhskaya metro station to the village of Suoranda. Travel time is only 30 – 40 minutes.

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